This is the quickest and least expensive editorial service Sterling Editing provides. We won’t use Track Changes within Microsoft Word to make notes. Instead, we’ll provide a Word document (usually formatted in bullet points) where we’ll give you our “in the moment” appraisals to various points in your story.

This feedback will include things like:

  • Plot elements that worked well.
  • Emotional reactions to characters.
  • Where you impressed us
  • If something knocked the reader out of the story.
  • If something didn’t make sense.
  • Places the reader couldn’t visualize action or scene settings.
  • Where the reader thought characters remained consistent to their nature.
  • Where the reader thought characters broke from their established molds and went off the rails.
  • Elements that could be improved, but with little guidance on how to do the improvement.

We will not speak to grammar, punctuation, formatting, or spelling unless a repeated pattern is spotted within the manuscript. Then we’ll make a quick note with some instructions about it.