Do I need to have my work proofread by friends or critique partners before hiring you to do edits?

Yes and no. It’s not necessary, but it’s a good idea. The cleaner your work is, the less we charge for going through it. We charge by the word for each editing project, and we adjust our “per word fee” based on how clean your sample pages are. Basically, the fewer simple, common mistakes in your work, the less expensive our services are.

Do you guarantee the work will be published after edits?

No. Since we have no control over publishing companies, we can’t guarantee they’ll accept your work. Our editors are all successful authors in their own right. Some of us have published dozens of books, and even we can’t guarantee that our next manuscript will sell. Sales depend on what’s hot in the market right now, and whether or not the publishing company recently published a book similar to ours. Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll get published, properly edited manuscripts certainly have a better chance.

What is your typical turn-around time?

Each editor works at a different pace with different material. A typical novel takes three to four weeks, depending on the number of edits needed. Yours might be different. We have upfront conversations with all our clients regarding expectations for their particular projects.

Do you phrase your editorial notes as requirements?

Not at all! This is your book. Your name is going to be on the cover. Honestly, no one needs to know that we’re involved in the project at all, unless to choose to give us credit. We’ll definitely call out weak writing and grammatical mistakes, but at no point will we impose “our vision” on your story. That isn’t how things are done at Sterling Editing.

I’m broke. Will you work for a percentage of profits?

We get it. We all struggle with money. However, we can’t do this. Since we can’t guarantee you’ll get the manuscript published, you can’t guarantee us a percentage of any sales. We’re sorry, but we must insist on getting paid for the time we put into your manuscript.