In addition to our fine editing services, Sterling Editing also provides a few extra offerings. See below for a summary of our list of additional services we offer that range from laying out books (interior and exterior) to formatting your manuscript to industry standards to coaching you through the sometimes murky waters of being an author.

Ebook Layout

If your manuscript has gone through the various levels of editing, including proofreading, and is ready to be laid out for submission to various ebook vendors, that is a service Sterling Editing can provide.

Print Interior Layout

Along with ebook layouts, Sterling Editing can produce interior layouts. Once you have the manuscript polished, edited, and proofread, we can lay out your book and provide you with final .docx and .pdf files for upload to print book vendors.

Cover Design Layout

Once you have your artwork, final page count and layout (if doing print), and other elements of your novel ready to go, once of the final touches is the cover. Sterling Editing can take your artwork, layout ideas, font requests, and color style desires and apply them to a front cover. We also do “complete wraps” which includes the front cover, spine, and back cover layout. Just provide the artwork and text, and we’ll do the rest!

Standard Manuscript Formatting

Sterling Editing can assist in formatting your manuscript in standard manuscript format to prepare it for sending to literary agents and editors.


Our supportive career coaches will give you the personalized attention you need to make your writing career take off.