Before we set our rates with you, we’ll ask for ten sample pages. An editor will review the sample pages and provide you feedback on those sample pages for free. This will help the editor determine how much work each page will be, so we can charge a rate that is fair for everyone.

If you’re happy with the style of feedback we provided and are okay with the rate we quote, we can move forward with getting your full story on our docket for editing.

Once we establish a timeline on delivery of your edited manuscript, we’ll send an invoice via PayPal for the first half of the agreed-upon fees. We will start work immediately when the down payment is received. Once we turn the edits back over to you, we will send another invoice for the second half of the agreed-upon fees.

Please note: We cannot provide free feedback on query letters to establish a level of effort for pricing because query letters are so short. We charge a flat rate for all query letter reviews, and we ask that the entire amount be paid before we start work on your letter.